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How you can be a part of Peachtree Hoops and make it better

Ever wanted to contribute to Peachtree Hoops? Here is how you can.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Our goal here at Peachtree Hoops is to make this place your one stop shop for everything Atlanta Hawks. We do our best to cover the team, produce original content and to curate interesting stories from around the internet. For the most part I feel like we do a pretty good job but inevitably something sometimes will escape our notice. Or maybe you have a fresh idea or a take on something going on that we didn't think about.

I am going to re-introduce two tools that you the reader can use to help us make Peachtree Hoops a better place.

Peachtree Hoops Fan Posts

One of the best things about SB Nation websites is that it gives the reader the tools to produce content. In fact if you click on this button:


Clicking "Write a FanPost"  will open an editor that is pretty much identical to the one we use daily to write stories for the website. FanPosts are for stories that include at least 150 words of content. This is the perfect tool utilize if you have an idea for a story. Just remember to proofread, utilize paragraphs where it doesn't look like a giant wall of text and always obey our Community Guidelines.

Good FanPosts have the chance to be featured on the front page of the site. We have done this from time to time in the past but this is something we are looking to do more of. Impress us enough and your name could end up on our masthead.

Peachtree Hoops FanShots

This is a tool that we have been utilizing more and more on the site. The great thing about FanShots is that they are also available to anyone who joins Peachtree Hoops. Like FanPosts, there is a right way and a wrong way to use them.

Click here to get started:


Once you click the link, you will be looking at an editor that looks like this:


You will notice the four buttons at the top of the screen that say link, quote, image or video. This is how you select the appropriate FanShot for the job. For example, if you find a great link to a Hawks related story use the link option. Take a great looking picture at a game that you want to share? Use the image option. Find a highlight video on YouTube? Use the Video option. FanShots work great as long as you select the correct one for the job. This handy chart shows which FanShot option you should use for Tweets, Instagram posts and videos.


You might have noticed a special section of the site entitled "The Nest"


"The Nest" is where we are featuring short form on the site. Put up a great FanShot and it will find its way into The Nest. If it is really good it might find its way into the cover as well.

One of the best things about Peachtree Hoops has always been its' community. You guys in many ways are our backbone. Here are two great tools that you can utilize to make Peachtree Hoops even better.