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Peachtree Hoops End of the Season Power Ranking

Come take a look at where I rank the teams in this season ending power ranking.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: Congrats to the world champions with the scariest backcourt that I have ever seen.  I can't say that I didn't see this coming especially with how loaded that roster is.

2.      Cleveland Cavaliers: Congrats Cavs on getting as far as you did even though it took me a few weeks to get over beating the Hawks.  As long as Lebron is on your team I predict that they will be at or near the top for the next few seasons.

3.      Memphis Grizzlies: Watching Conley play despite all those injuries almost put a tear in my eye.  I mean just seeing him on the court with his messed up eye made me cringe all the way at home.  Good for them and their successful season and good luck with keeping Gasol at a cheap price.

4.      Houston Rockets: Had the Rockets been healthy in the playoffs things would have been different.  Its amazing that Harden was still able to do what he did despite all the players that got hurt around him.

5.      San Antonio Spurs: Yeah they lost to the Clippers, but I still think they are one of the best teams.  Who knows maybe the loss to the Clippers was a fluke, especially with how they blew that series to the Rockets.

6.      Atlanta Hawks: Well Hawks, thank you for the most fun and unforgettable season that I have had as a fan.  Yeah it stinks that we got swept in the ECF, but man it was a fun ride. Hopefully next year we can build and approve upon this season.

7.      Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers losing that series to the Rockets is the most Clippers thing every, especially after beating the Spurs the round before.

8.     Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers have begun to panic with what looks like they are blowing up the team to hopefully bring back LMA.  I wonder if there will be money to bring in both Aldridge and Wesley Matthews.

9.      Chicago Bulls: With Thibs out, I wonder if we will see the Joakim Noah that we saw the year he won DPOY.  You know since he will actually get rest now.

10.  Dallas Mavericks: So we are gonna assume Rondo does not return along with Monta? Well I am sure they are happy they gave Parsons that 14 mil a year contract.  Maybe DAJ will be able to save them next year.

11.   Washington Wizards:  Oh Paul Pierce may decide to leave? I wonder if Hawks fans are as happy as Wizard fans are sad.

12.  New Orleans Pelicans: Let Anthony Davis play on a good team and people will start saying he one of the best players in the league.  It was good to see him get some shine in the playoffs.

13.  Oklahoma City Thunder: Thunder about to come out next season with a fury.....and with a new coach....but mostly a fury.  Let's hope they do something to convince KD he wants to stay.

14.  Milwaukee Bucks: Yeah yeah the team is fun to watch, but let's talk about those uniforms. I approve Bucks...I approve.

15.   Toronto Raptors: I wonder how long it takes for the Raptors to blow it up.  Getting eliminated in the playoffs has got to not only hurt the players, but the dedicated fan base as well.

16.  Utah Jazz: Jazz might be serious in the next few years. This is going to be one of the more fun teams to watch develop the next couple years.

17.   Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens is good, but man I wonder how he would actually look with real talent on the team.

18.  Brooklyn Nets: Nets, it's been fun rooting against you for the past couple years, but as of now I have gone back to no longer caring about your team.

19.  Phoenix Suns: After a promising season a year ago, it hurt to see them regress back to the mean.

20. Indiana Pacers: It was good to see Paul George return at the end of the season. But my goodness, changing his number to 13 and calling himself PG-13 is the corniest thing I have seen since the unveiling of the Brooklyn Knight.

21.  Denver Nuggets: I have no idea what to think of the season where they started to play so well after they got rid of Brian Shaw.  I wonder who will be on the team next season.

22. Detroit Pistons: It was fun to see the Pistons and what was like 3 seasons for them. Before Josh, after Josh, and after the Jennings injury.

23. Miami Heat: I want to feel bad about the injuries they suffered, but yeah after owning the division for the past few years I will just say good luck next season but not that good.

24. Sacramento Kings: They are the gift that keeps on giving. This has been the most entertaining team this offseason due to incompetence in the front office.

25.  Charlotte Hornets: I remember when we all thought they could make some noise in the east. Yeah it didn't take them long to get rid of Lance and most of the team once the season ended.

26. Orlando Magic: I actually thought they showed promise at the beginning of the season as the dark horse 8th seed.  I may have been wrong on that.

27.  Los Angeles Lakers: I can't wait for the next season of Kobe complaining about the team and then missing the rest of the season due to injury right before the All-Star break.

28. Philadelphia 76ers: So the Sixers attempted to out tank everyone this season.  Its shocking that they weren't the worst team despite the Hinkie's Ponzi scheme he is running.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves: I guess I am obligated to root for them now.  I love how future draft picks change my rooting interest year to year.

30. New York Knicks: See I didn't think the team could get any worse, but then they traded away JR and Shump.