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Walter Tavares to reportedly forego Las Vegas Summer League, weighing European options

Atlanta Hawks prospect Walter Tavares will reportedly skip Las Vegas Summer League. Trouble looming?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Earlier in the day, we took an advanced look at the options the Atlanta Hawks could pursue with regard to Walter (Edy) Tavares and Lamar Patterson. Ironically, news broke shortly after about Tavares, and the fact that he wouldn't be pursuing an opportunity to play with the Hawks in the upcoming Las Vegas Summer League.

This is huge news in that Tavares could legitimately be weighing options to pursue a contract in Europe that would bar him from joining the Hawks in the immediate future. Some have assumed that Tavares would arrive in time for the 2015-2016, but at the very least, he has appeared to be in the short-term plans for the franchise, and it is not encouraging that he would bypass Summer League.

The potential implications here are wide-reaching. Atlanta would already be forced to use cap space to sign Tavares, but if chooses to sign a long-term deal in Europe, it could nearly close the door on a future in Atlanta. There is much more to come with this situation, but as of now, it is safe to assume that Walter Tavares won't be in Las Vegas, and without a first-round pick to focus on, the Summer League roster could be... interesting.