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Atlanta Draft Day Deals? Signs Point to Yes

With everyone wondering what the Hawks will do with their pick, recent history says a trade might be in the wings.

The Budenholzer era front office has shown a willingness to deal on Draft Day.
The Budenholzer era front office has shown a willingness to deal on Draft Day.
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With Draft Day upon us, many have wondered what the Atlanta Hawks will do with their pick.  Not many fans think of the Hawks as the aggressive type of franchise, but things have changed.

Out of the last 10 years of Draft Days, Atlanta has made a trade on only three.  Viewed through that narrow scope, it could be said the Hawks are more likely to stand pat, but ever since the "new" camp arrived -- Budenholzer came to Atlanta after the Spurs lost in the Finals in 2013 -- the Hawks haven't missed a chance in either year to make a Draft Day deal.


The Hawks had spent a year Joe-less and were trying to establish a new identity with a new coach and GM.  They aggressively used the 18th pick they had acquired in the Johnson trade (Shane Larkin) to trade up to the 16th pick (Lucas Nogueira) and also received the 44th pick (Mike Muscala) and Jared Cunningham from Dallas.

Atlanta made a second trade that night, dealing 50th pick James Ennis to Miami.


Atlanta was more in a holding pattern mode, but wanted to improve on the cheap, and decided to take a good look at second rounder Lamar Patterson, who they acquired from Milwaukee by giving up a second rounder in this upcoming draft.


Obviously, the previous years weren't earth-shaking, but they have shown a willingness by the front office to trade to get a guy who piques their interest.  With a lot of the players on Atlanta's radar projected to go several spots higher than their 15th pick, don't be surprised if Budenholzer and Wilcox pull the trigger on another deal.