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Atlanta Hawks usher in a new era with uniform unveiling

The Atlanta Hawks ushered in a new era with he unveiling of new uniforms with colors and design.

A new era of Atlanta Hawks basketball officially began on Wednesday with the unveiling of new uniforms in a private event held at Philips Arena. The festivities began with a 3D video presentation highlighting the inspiration behind the new design.

As you can see from the video, the colors around the sidelines and baselines were covered as was the Philips Arena logo. There was no mention of a court redesign but it certainly appeared that those areas would be changed prior to next season.

The current color scheme of red, white and blue has been completely replaced by Torch Red, Granite Gray and Volt Green. The team states that the new colors "help create a unique visual identity for the future that showcase state and city pride and the Hawks proud heritage within a modern, innovative design."

Also included in the redesign is five industry firsts that will make this Hawks uniform unique from its counterparts. They are:

1. Feather Pattern - The V-shaped design of the ‘feather pattern' captures the essence of an attacking hawk with upswept wings and talons down - a nod to the Hawks attacking style of play.

2. Asymmetry - The shorts display the feather pattern down one leg leading to the Pac-Man logo and team name down the other.

3. Bold New Color - With its inclusion of Volt Green, the Hawks are the 1st NBA team to have the eye-catching color as part of its brand color scheme.

4. Mix and Match - the uniform kit also allows for the team to mix and match jerseys, shorts and socks.

5. Head-to-Toe - This also marks the first time that socks, shoes and laces were built as part of the overall uniform kit - delivering a true head-to-toe design approach.

The NBA's new collaboration with Stance for socks and the interchangeability of the road Gray and Red will offer plenty of different combinations for the Hawks to draw from.

When the Hawks set out to rebrand, they wanted a design that celebrated the past while developing an innovative look for the future. They sought input from the current players who helped develop the final product. Each of the colors used in the design represent something different in regards to the team's history.

Torch Red is symbolic of the team's red-hot spirit and fiery passion for the game. It has been a consistent thread throughout almost all Atlanta Hawks teams from its inception.

Georgia Granite Gray, like the distinct Georgia stone, is demonstrative of the organization's firm foundation comprised of deep character, strength and rock-solid integrity.

Volt Green takes its inspiration from the Hawks early 1970s teams, representing fearless innovation and vibrancy.

"It was very important to us that we found a way to honor our heritage while reflecting the vibrant, diverse culture of Atlanta and creating a dynamic look for the next generation of our basketball club. Our new uniforms accomplish those goals in a bold manner that is both True to Atlanta and how we operate our business," CEO Steve Koonin said.

Their was a lot of enthusiasm in the room and it did feel that it was in fact a new beginning for the franchise. They are honoring their history, but it is clear that they have both eyes set on the future.


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