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Report: Atlanta Hawks looking to move up in NBA Draft; targeting 11th pick

The Hawks are reportedly angling to move up in the upcoming NBA Draft, potentially targeting the 11th pick in a swap with the Indiana Pacers.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is officially "silly season" with regard to the 2015 NBA Draft, but the Atlanta Hawks are reportedly in the mix to move up in the draft order. Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders reports that the Hawks and Indiana Pacers have discussed a potential pick swap that would result in Atlanta moving up from the 15th to the 11th overall pick.

In addition, Kennedy indicates that Mike Budenholzer, Wes Wilcox and company could be generally looking to ascend in the draft.

It must be noted that virtually every NBA team is exploring multiple moves as the draft rapidly approaches, but the notion that the Hawks could be targeting a specific, upper-tier piece is exciting and interesting. Names like Stanley Johnson, Myles Turner or even Frank Kaminsky could be in the mix at number 11 (in addition to the oft-discussed names like Bobby Portis and Kelly Oubre), and there will be plenty of intrigue leading up to Thursday evening.