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Law Firm letter clears Danny Ferry of racial bias in Deng comments


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

From ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz, a letter has emerged from a law firm that investigated Ferry in the wake of his infamous read scouting report regarding Luol Deng that exonerates Ferry of racial bias.

From Arnovitz:

The law firm that investigated former Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry said it found no evidence that his comments on a conference call about NBA forward Luol Deng were "motivated by racial, ethnic, or country of origination bias or animus," and that Ferry repeated comments that were not his own, according to documents obtained by ESPN.

The timing of the letter comes as Ferry and the Hawks have orchestrated his departure from the organization that trumpeted his arrival three seasons ago.

There are a lot of people that have already come to the conclusion that Ferry's comments were born of poor decision making in the face of repeating ridiculously insensitive scouting outside the Hawks organization, but surely such a letter clearing Ferry would be of service in the hunt for his next project.

Stay with Peachtree Hoops as we will have an opinion piece on this tonight.