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Atlanta Hawks unveil new primary, secondary logos

The Atlanta Hawks unveiled new primary and secondary logos on Monday and are once again drawing from their past.

The Atlanta Hawks are once again putting their Pac-Man logo front and center. The Hawks unveiled a new primary logo on Monday featuring their redesigned Pac-Man logo surrounded with the words "Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club" in a circular fashion.

primary logo

"Our fans have been so excited by the return of the iconic Pac-Man logo. This season, we set merchandising sales records for Hawks and Pac-Man gear so it was a natural move to make Pac-Man the primary logo for the Atlanta franchise. The addition of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club to the logo is just as meaningful as it speaks to our belief system that an inclusive and welcoming culture to all Atlantans is the only way to truly be a successful franchise," CEO Steve Koonin said.

The Hawks first unveiled a redesigned Pac-Man logo during the 2014 Playoffs against the Indiana Pacers. The new logo was a redesign of the classic logo that the team wore during the 80s and mid-90s.

The team also released a new secondary logo that according to the release pays tribute to the history of the city of Atlanta.

"Our new secondary logo represents the storied history of our proud city. Being True to Atlanta means embracing all parts of its history and we are proud that this logo illustrates that so wonderfully," Koonin said.

Secondary Logo

Koonin later tweeted that today marks the beginning of a new era for the Atlanta Hawks and indicated that this was the first of many exciting announcements to come this summer. According to the release, new uniforms are also on the way and will be unveiled prior to the 2015 NBA Draft.