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Atlanta Hawks Top Five Stories of the Week

So High, So Low...

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

According to me, here are the top five Atlanta Hawks stories from last week:

1. First, the highest. I don't know if you heard, but for the first time since the Hawks franchise moved into the Dirty, the Atlanta Hawks advanced past the second round of the NBA playoffsAnd there was much disbelief and rejoicing.

2. That bit of history occurred because the Hawks put down the troublesome Wizards in Game 6 of their playoff series.

3. But it didn't happen before Paul Pierce gave us one more bout with oh-my-goodness-not-again.

4.  So it was onto Game One with great anticipation and excitement. Then the game happened.

5. Finally, the lowest, the probability that the hardest working man in the ATL may miss the rest of the series.

What did you think was a top story of the week?