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Atlanta Hawks Top Five Stories of the Week

A look back and recap of this week in the Atlanta Hawks world.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

According to me, here are the top five Atlanta Hawks stories from last week:

1. There was a guy named Al HorfordAnd he was good. Very good.

2. And then great writers took notice and advanced the Al Horford story to the masses.

3. Hey, remember when we were all puzzled by this series of comments by DeMarre?

4.  That was after a classic Paul Pierce knockdown of the Hawks. And by classic, I mean, as usual, he couldn't stop running his mouth afterwards, even though he banked in a three.

5. Oh, and Pierce did the same in Game 5, calling "Series" about eight seconds too early. How did that end again? Oh yes, I do now recall.

What did you think was a top story of the week?