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2015 Adidas Christmas Jerseys Leaked

Adidas's 2015 Christmas Uniforms are their best yet.

Coach Bud in Game 5 vs. the Washington Wizards
Coach Bud in Game 5 vs. the Washington Wizards
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For an NBA fan, The Playoffs are definitely the most wonderful time of the year.  Just when we thought this year's playoffs couldn't get more exciting, Adidas's 2015 Christmas Jerseys were leaked.  These uniforms are the best Christmas uniforms I have seen.  They aren't overwhelming with bright colors, huge logos, or sleeves.  They are simple, with a Christmas touch, and make me want to sing carols.

Each uniform is based on the team's regular season uniforms, with a Christmas card style font.  White pieces were replaced with cream to enhance eggnog intake, and the NBA logo is surrounded by an image of a wax seal to promote letter writing.

I would without a doubt give these uniforms an A grade.  Adidas finally got something right with these uniforms.  Fans do not want something that blinds them or restricts their favorite players movement (sleeves).  All people want is something a little special for the holidays and that's exactly what these leaked photos are promising.

However, I'll let you know what isn't promising; John Wall's suit.  I think I'll ask Santa to bring him a personal stylist for Christmas.

J Wall Suit

John Wall in Game 4 (Photo Credit: Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports)