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Nike vs. Adidas: Easter Collections

Kobe, LeBron, Kyrie, Lillard, Wall and KD -- check it out

The Easter Bunny facing off with Indiana's Mascot Boomer
The Easter Bunny facing off with Indiana's Mascot Boomer
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In the NBA rules don't matter on holidays, so Nike and Adidas came out with Easter collections to add variety and pay tribute to Easter.  Nike had a different pastel colorway for each of their signatures, while Adidas maintained the same pattern throughout their shoes.

Because of the constant battle between these two brands, I have compared the two collections and declared a winner below:


Kyrie 1 Easter

Kyrie 1 Easter (Photo Credit: David Richard - USA TODAY Sports)

Lebron 12 Easter

Lebron 12 Easter (Photo Credit: David Richard - USA TODAY Sports)

The Kobe X and KD 7 were also included in the collection.  The Kobe X has a magenta upper and a light blue sole, while the KD 7 is pastel green-yellow with accents of mango, light gray, and black.


J Wall 1 Easter

John Wall in his signature Eater PE (Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan - USA TODAY Sports)

lillard 1 Easter

D Lillard 1 Easter (Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports)

The D Rose 5 was also included in the collection, displaying the same colorway.

After little thought, (because this was an easy decision) Adidas definitely made the better Easter collection.  I love the consistency throughout, and their pastel colors are actually pastel.  Adidas will not be retailing their collection due to the fact that only 4 year old girls would actually wear these shoes on days other than Easter.  However, I am sure that the Easter Bunny would chosen this collection over Nike's dark, masculine collection, and that is the main reason why Adidas gets the win.