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NBA Power Rankings 2015: Spurs peaking at the right time

The San Antonio Spurs are surging and climb to the top of this week's rankings.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

1.       San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs looking like an unstoppable death machine come playoffs.  In other news the sky is blue.

2.      Golden State Warriors: With the Spurs surging, the Warriors might have competition in the West.

3.      Los Angeles Clippers: Quickly what was your favorite Chris Paul got crossed up meme? Mine was the breakdance one.

4.      Cleveland Cavaliers: The second place Cavs are the favorites for the East. Yeah you heard that Hawks fans.

5.      Atlanta Hawks: New theory, teams are tanking so that the Hawks can't get a lottery pick. Yeah this totally makes sense.

6.      Portland Trail Blazers: Portland you need to do your job of beating the Nets. That is all.

7.      Houston Rockets: So does Harden win MVP? Hard to think what they would look like without him.

8.     Memphis Grizzlies: What Jeff Green did to the Wizards should be considered illegal.

9.      Dallas Mavericks: Did we ever figure out from the league if the hit on Dirk from Livingston was illegal?

10.  Oklahoma City Thunder: I can't wait to see how much Westbrook's mask will get auctioned off for.

11.   New Orleans Pelicans: Will the Pelicans be able to pull it off and get the opportunity to get swept by the Warriors?

12.  Chicago Bulls: So is Rose coming back?

13.  Utah Jazz: Gobert is getting rebounds now? He wins my MIP award.

14.  Phoenix Suns: It should be fun to see a desperate team in Philips play us this week.  Hopefully the Hawks can pull it off.

15.   Washington Wizards: So if Wittman makes it out of the first round, will he keep his job? I hope they do so they can play the Hawks.

16.  Toronto Raptors: Raptors......yet another team that let me down by losing to the Nets.

17.   Brooklyn Nets: Nets are doing everything in their power to give me a headache and prevent the Hawks from getting a lottery pick. Good for the Nets to start getting things together on a light schedule.

18.  Milwaukee Bucks: Yeah the Bucks are free falling since they got MCW.

19.  Boston Celtics: Celtics might be a nuisance if they make the playoffs.

20. Indiana Pacers: Paul George is back. Good for him and good for the Pacers.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: Hornet's are somehow still alive in the playoff race. It will be fun to see how the Hawks play them this week.

22. Detroit Pistons: Remember when they had a winning streak after dropping Josh Smith?

23. Miami Heat: Heat... How could you fall out of the playoffs and let the Net's sneak in...

24. Orlando Magic: Interesting to see who they bring back in as the new coach.

25.  Sacramento Kings: The Kings considered shutting down Cousins for the season. The tank is on for another week or so.

26. Denver Nuggets:  Was it really Brian Shaw's fault? I can't wait to hear the tell all.

27.  Los Angeles Lakers: I seriously forgot Randle was on the team.

28. Philadelphia 76ers: Congrats, you beat the Knicks in the tankathon. Not that I really cared enough to watch.

29. New York Knicks: Philadelphia 76ers: It should be noted that I did this part of the ranking when the Knicks and 76ers played.

30. Minnesota Timberwolves: Shutting down Rubio? Interesting strategy