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Stance Partners with the NBA to Provide Socks

The NBA made a great decision by partnering with Stance and allowing more leeway in their sock game.

Paul Millsap during the 2015 NBA All Star game
Paul Millsap during the 2015 NBA All Star game
Elsa/Getty Images

A couple days ago Stance became the new official provider of socks for the NBA, after providing socks for the 2015 NBA All Star game.  This July, during the NBA Summer League, players will begin wearing new Stance socks.  This contract is huge for the NBA and could  potentially have a large effect on the basketball clothing industry.

Previous to this contract, For Bare Feet provided socks for the NBA.  Socks worn in games were either white or black with a single NBA logo on each side.  These socks are not distracting, look professional, and are considered to be a part of the player's uniform.  However, the problem with the current socks is that consumers do not wear them.  The NBA makes no money off of sock sales, while other sports retailers do.  Little league, and recreational players do not want to wear plain socks, or socks that feature a league logo that they are not directly apart of.  Consumers want socks that accent their shoes and look good in pictures.

The most important feature of this new contract is the allowance of additional logos and colors on socks.  This means that players will have more leeway when it comes to NBA sock rules, and there will be more variety in the league.  But more importantly, this means that the NBA will have an easier time selling socks to consumers.  Non-NBA players will be more likely to purchase NBA socks if the socks look cool and are worthy of a good photo.

When it comes to basketball apparel, sneakers have always been the consumption craze.  A pair of sneakers can cost more than the rest of a player's outfit.  However, with the rise of social media, the sock market has gone up.  Consumers are more interested in socks than ever.  This move was great for the NBA and Stance, and I suspect that athletes and Sneakerheads will both be looking to buy themselves a pair of Stance socks.  After all, if Stance socks are good enough for professional athletes, they are good enough for me.