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Atlanta Hawks odds are good that this series is over in five games

And 93 percent that the Hawks will win the series overall.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at numberFire have sent us the latest projections regarding the odds the Hawks will win the series and at what point it's most likely to end.

  • Atlanta Hawks win in 4: 32.02%
  • Atlanta Hawks win in 5: 36.4%
  • Atlanta Hawks win in 6: 14.6%
  • Atlanta Hawks win in 7: 10.51%
  • Atlanta Hawks win series: 93.53%
  • Brooklyn Nets win in 6: 2.19%
  • Brooklyn Nets win in 7: 4.28%
  • Brooklyn Nets win series: 6.47%
If I'm a Brooklyn Nets fan I'm saying 'so you're telling me there's a chance' but I'm ATL so let's focus on the main numbers that make us happy.

1. The series is 68.42% that it'll close out by Game 5. I'll take that as the team needs additional time for Paul Millsap, Al Horford and the crew to heal before the next round, assuming the result in this scenario.

2. Now, I know that it's still to the Hawks advantage if they are in a Game Seven, but I think the entire fan base would be under the table at that point. Let's just say that's a statistical probability we don't want to have to deal with, advantage or not.

3. I love the numberFire guys and appreciate their indulgence in giving us these figures all the time. If you can think of a scenario you want them to figure out, and it's reasonable, fire it off in the Comments Area. In the meantime, click the link above and get over to their site to check out everything they are working on. Well worth the time.