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2015 NBA Playoffs: Questions arise about Nets' approach to defending Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver is a major part of the Atlanta Hawks' success but Nets coach Lionel Hollins sounds reluctant to change his game plan to slow him down.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets are eyeing a number of adjustments for Game 2 of their first round playoff series. What is unclear is whether Lionel Hollins will adjust his game plan in an effort to slow down Atlanta's Kyle Korver.

Korver scored a game high 21 points in Sunday's Game 1 and knocked down 5-for-11 three point attempts. He averaged 10.8 points in four regular season games against Brooklyn but shot a sizzling 62 percent from three-point range knocking down 13-of-21 attempts.

Despite that success, Nets head coach Lionel Hollins didn't sound very concerned about Korver when he met with the media on Monday. From Tim Bontempts in the New York Daily News:

"How many shots did he take yesterday and how many did he miss? See, if he's that good, he'd make all of them." Hollins said. "Everybody misses, man. He's a good shooter, I acknowledge that, we acknowledge that as a team, we game plan for him because he is a great shooter. But until he starts shooting 100%, we've got to play and be in position to help, and then recover, and close out.

"It's not like we're talking (Stephen) Curry. Korver, he's a great come-off-the-screen guy, he's great with moving without the ball, but he rarely puts the ball on the floor like Curry and shakes you up."

For what it is worth, Hollins has seemed a bit "prickly" with the Brooklyn media throughout Game 1. They may very well make some adjustments but it sounds like he is taking a more fundamental approach as this quote from a Rod Boone article at Newsday suggests.

"You can't stop a guy from coming off a screen when there's no back-side help," coach Lionel Hollins said. "You've got to chase him off the screen, and we got up on him top side to try to keep him from coming off the screen and he'd go backdoor."

One advantage to Atlanta's system is that they don't rely on any one player. They look at how the defense is playing them and then adjust accordingly to that. Korver didn't have any trouble finding his shots in Game 1 and it would be a great situation for the Hawks for that to continue given the questions surrounding Paul Millsap and Al Horford.