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Atlanta Hawks Top Five Stories of the Week

A look back and recap of this week in the Atlanta Hawks world.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

According to me, here are the top five Atlanta Hawks stories from last week:

1. The Hawks got revenge at home against the Milwaukee Bucks, but saw The Umlaut, Dennis Schröder go down with a toe injury, which was later determined as sprained, not broken. Whew.

2. To rest or not to rest is a constant thread in the Hawks Nation right now. The second unit played a whale of a game against the Hornets and then Bud did something different in Detroit.

3. Coach Bud and the entire front office were lauded in ESPN's coaches/front office rankings.

4. 2 Chainz Night happened last Friday night when the Hawks hosted the Heat. 2 Chainz! And then he challenged Dominique to a game of HORSE.

5. Jeff Teague returned from his injured ankle to play against the Bucks and Pistons. Double Whew.

Put your suggestions for next week's top Five in the comments area here throughout the week!