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2015 March Madness: Best Tourney Uniforms

Which uniforms performed the best in this year's NCAA Tournament?

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Michigan State's NCAA East Regional Champion Award
Michigan State's NCAA East Regional Champion Award
Elsa/Getty Images

Two weeks ago I developed a bracket up to the Final Four based on the ugliest uniforms.  The four teams that survived the bracket were Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma and St. John's.  Determined by a poll at the end of that article North Carolina was the winner of the uniform bracket; barely sliding past Indiana to get into the championship game.

However, in real life this is hardly what happened.  Only 34% of games played were picked correctly in the uniform bracket, and 75% of those correct picks were games in the first round.  This year's Final Four (unlike the uniform bracket) are Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke.

So which uniforms actually performed the best in the tournament?

Duke 2015

Duke vs. Gonzaga (Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj - USA TODAY Sports)

An easy answer to this question are Nike's White Uniforms.  Not only have Kentucky and Duke both worn these uniforms throughout the tournament, but Arizona and Oregon both lost to Wisconsin as soon as they took theirs off.  Baylor was the only team in the tournament to loose in these uniforms, but I assume this is only because they're cursed from wearing horrible colorways in years past.  If this is truly the case, I predict that Kentucky will beat Duke in the final round.

But what about Wisconsin and those ugly Adidas shorts?  

Wisconsin vs. Arizona

Wisconsin vs. Arizona (Photo Credit: Robert Hanashiro - USA TODAY Sports)

The Adidas Made in March uniforms definitely out performed predictions from the ugly uniform bracket.  All of the teams who wore these uniforms won in the first round of the tournament, except for Indiana who coincidentally was also the only 'Made in March' team to not wear the ugly shorts.  Perhaps that belt of nastiness was made by elves and woven with unicorn hair.