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Are Tights Tight?

A guide to all of your tight issues.

Dennis Schroder during a game vs. The Nuggets
Dennis Schroder during a game vs. The Nuggets
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

One of the latest fads in the basketball world is wearing tights.  It is not only apparent in the NBA, but in youth leagues as well.  While, some claim that tights are not beneficial and are only worn as an accessory, others hold to their perceived idea that tights actually help their game.  In order to take an educated stance on this issue, we must examine both sides:


These are the people who are against wearing tights.  They think that a thin layer of fabric has no benefit to player performance, and that it looks terrible.  Whether or not they are a fan of Stockton's era is unknown, but extremely likely.  However, what is known is that all Haters secretly want to try a pair of tights, but either aren't willing to cough up the dough or cannot swallow their pride.  Other demographics of this group include fans who do not know basketball, mothers, and people older than 45.


These are the people who associate wearing tights with increased performance.  There definitely is a strong correlation between the two considering Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant all wear tights on a regular basis.  The believers think that the tights warm their legs, increase circulation, and as a result, prevent injuries.

Either way, tights have prevailed despite David Stern's dress code, and the opinion of 45 year olds.  Correlation without causation relatively means nothing, but if it helps the next MVP of the league then it should help anyone.  The real question isn't whether or not tights actually improve performance.  The real question is why Haters think tights aren't tight.