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2015 NBA Power Rankings: Spurs hanging on to top spot

The final power rankings of the regular season sees the San Antonio Spurs peaking at the most opportune time.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

1.       San Antonio Spurs: Excuse me, I had a dream that the Hawks picked up Kawhi over the summer.

2.      Los Angeles Clippers: Clippers have looked great but depending on the matchup, they could be headed home early especially with how their bench looks.

3.      Golden State Warriors: I wonder how many awards the Warriors will rack up at the end of the year.

4.      Atlanta Hawks: The rise of Mike Muscala has really helped me emotionally after the Thabo news devastated me.

5.      Memphis Grizzlies: What the heck happened to the Grizzlies.

6.      Houston Rockets: James Harden might not win MVP, but man I don't know what else he would have to do.

7.      Cleveland Cavaliers: Cavs rested Lebron at the right time allowing the Celtics to win 2 games.  Thanks guys for doing us that solid.

8.     Toronto Raptors: Let's see if Lou Williams can bail the Raptors out of games when the playoffs start.  Oh I remember a time when they were favorited in the east.

9.      Portland Trail Blazers: If Afflalo is going to be banged up, the Portland will have a very rough time.

10.  Chicago Bulls: Wait so your telling me the Bulls might be healthy in the playoffs? Of course they will.....of course.

11.   Boston Celtics: I really hope that the Hawks do not face them in the first round. I cannot mentally handle playing them again.

12.  Utah Jazz: The Jazz will be a fun team to watch next year.  Great job Coach Quinn, the first disciple form the Coach Bud school of coaching.

13.  Dallas Mavericks: The team that no one really believed in is somehow still alive.

14.  New Orleans Pelicans: The Pelicans could have the honor of making the playoffs and getting swept in the first round.

15.   Indiana Pacers: Don't look now, but the Pacers could sneak in to the playoffs.

16.  Washington Wizards: Of course the Wizards rest John Wall when they play the Nets, but play him against the Hawks.

17.   Oklahoma City Thunder: So is Westbrook overrated as a defender? Something I am wondering recently.

18.  Milwaukee Bucks: As much crap as I give MCW, I wonder what he would look like on this team once he learns to shoot.

19.  Brooklyn Nets: The Nets actually are starting to look somewhat competent. What happened earlier in the season?

20. Phoenix Suns: Remember when they had a problem at point guard? Good times.

21.  Detroit Pistons: So who will Greg Monroe play for next season?

22. Miami Heat: I would feel sorry for them, but no they have just be so spoiled in the recent years.  I hope you draft the next Michael Beasley.

23. Orlando Magic: I think the backcourt of the Magic might be something to fear in the future. Hopefully they get a bad draft pick.

24. Charlotte Hornets: There was such high hopes for the Hornecats earlier in the season.

25.  Denver Nuggets: It is going to be fun to see what the team looks like with a coach that the players actually like.

26. Sacramento Kings: I actually find it interesting at how terrible the front office is.

27.  New York Knicks: So I wonder how long Derek Fisher will coach for the Knicks.

28. Los Angeles Lakers: For the first time in forever, the Lakers look to be in the lottery.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves: This team had better be good in 2017, our draft depends on it.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Well looks like for the final week of the season, you guys are at the bottom. Congratulation on this accomplishment.