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New Thabo Sefolosha arrest video surfaces

A second video of the Thabo Sefolosha arrest has surfaced, and it could be controversial.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday afternoon, video surfaced that showed two members of the Atlanta Hawks, Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antic, being placed under arrest by members of the NYPD outside of a nightclub. Now, a second video has come to light, and it could be very controversial with regard to Sefolosha and his season-ending leg injury.

The video, courtesy of TMZ sports, appears to show an NYPD officer swinging a baton in Sefolosha's direction, and with the still unknown circumstances of his injury, some will undoubtedly draw conclusions that this contact could have caused the issue. Beyond that, several officers are jockeying with Sefolosha in the video, and his arm seems to be pulled in an awkward direction.

In this case, we will let you draw your own conclusions and simply provide the information as it becomes available. There have been many words penned on this circumstance, but with the organization and both players choosing the "mum's the word" approach based on the pending legal matter, material such as this is all that we can draw opinions from at this time.

Stay tuned.