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What does Jarell Eddie bring to the Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks signed Jarell Eddie to a 10-day contract last week. What skills does he bring to the table?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Jarell Eddie may have been a surprise addition to the Atlanta Hawks' roster but he is a player that the team has kept an eye on since he was waived during training camp. Eddie signed a 10-day contract with the Hawks last week. He has yet to appear in a game but gives the Hawks another wing option while they continue to navigate the final stretch of the NBA season.

What tools does Eddie bring to the table? For that I turned to D-League writer Chris Reichert for a scouting report.

Offense - He's the definition of a 3-point specialist. He shoots about 9 times a game and 6 of them are threes. His release is lightning quick, which allows him to get shots off with little space allowed by a defender. Most of his 3's are spot up shots, however he has shown the ability to hit shots off the dribble and coming off screens as well -- just not nearly as often.

Eddie knocked down 42 percent of his three-point attempts while playing for the Austin Spurs of the NBA D-League. He won the D-League's three-point contest at All-Star Weekend and boasted a true shooting percentage of 60 percent on the season. As you can see from his shot chart, most of Eddie's points come from the perimeter.


There is little doubt that the guy can shoot the basketball. However, Eddie still needs to develop some of the other areas of his game. More from Reichert:

Defense - Average at best. He doesn't do anything to really help his team on that end, but at the same time he's not a detriment either. He's not really a ball-hawk or anything like that. Steals have to almost fall in his lap for him to get them.

Mike Budenholzer echoed that sentiment a bit when he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Eddie just needed to develop the rest of his game.

"He is a shooter with size. "I think he has an NBA skill. We had him in camp and we talked to him about it. Now he's just got to grow the rest of his game, develop the rest of his game. We'll work with him and see how he does."

It seems Eddie missed an opportunity for some playing time on Saturday when the Hawks were upset by the Philadelphia 76ers. They are back at home on Monday before heading out on a west coast trip. Eddie's 10-day contract will expire on March 15. At that point the Hawks can sign him to another 10-day contract. At the end of the second 10-day deal, Atlanta would have to decide whether to cut him loose or re-sign him for the remainder of the season.

Thabo Sefolosha is due back later this month from a calf injury. With a big lead in the East, Mike Budenholzer has the luxury of resting his players down the stretch. Having an extra body makes that easier but the Hawks could elect to part ways with Eddie and take a look at a different player down the stretch.

Nevertheless, Eddie is a name to keep an eye on and one that we could see again over the summer.