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NBA Power Rankings: Warriors still on top, Clippers climbing

The Golden State Warriors are still the cream of the crop but the Los Angeles Clippers are surging at the most appropriate time.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: The Warriors have got to be the favorites in the West.  They just continue to blow teams out.

2.      Los Angeles Clippers:  Watching Big Baby run is still fascinating to me.  Oh yeah and the Clippers are looking good in time for the playoffs.

3.      San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs are looking like the Spurs in time for playoffs. Yay Spurs.

4.      Portland Trail Blazers: Eventually their luck has to run out, but I commend them for keeping the fight going.

5.      Atlanta Hawks: To quote the great Lang Whitaker, the Hawks are the only team that clinches the conference and tanks at the same time.

6.      Houston Rockets: Dwight saying he gonna be a role player. Let's see if that happens.

7.      Cleveland Cavaliers: YOU HAD ONE JOB CLEVELAND... NOT TO LOSE TO BROOKLYN!!!!

8.     Memphis Grizzlies: Eventually the Grizz will look like the second best team in the west again right?

9.      Oklahoma City Thunder: See you next season Kevin Durant. Gone but not forgotten.

10.  Dallas Mavericks: Is Monta Ellis back? Does Monta Ellis still have it all???

11.   Chicago Bulls: Wait Rose is actually expected to return? Wait he isn't going to prolong the injury.

12.  Brooklyn Nets: The Nets will just not die.  There is a strong possibility that we will see them in the first round.

13.  New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis is gonna have to be Anthony Davis in order to make it to his first playoff series.

14.  Utah Jazz: This team will be fun next season.

15.   Toronto Raptors: Will the defense improve by the time playoffs start? Fans can only hope so.

16.  Phoenix Suns: Late season playoff push.....FEEL THE EXCITEMENT.

17.   Boston Celtics: I am not sure if I could mentally handle another series with the Celtics

18.  Detroit Pistons: Pistons, all we ask is for you to pass the Nets in the standings.

19.  Washington Wizards: The Wizards are confusing and at what point to do we wonder if Bradley Beal will be considered injury prone.

20. Charlotte Hornets: Tough loss to the Wizards, very gutsy that they could come back and win against a Hawks team that rested their starters.

21.  Indiana Pacers: Pacers finally break the losing streak and to the Mavericks because...of course.

22. Milwaukee Bucks: So I see the MCW experiment is off to a fantastic start.

23. Miami Heat: So the Heat are supposed to possibly give the Hawks a tough time...even though they were blown out.

24. Sacramento Kings: Stauskas? Stauskas??....Stauskas!!!

25.  Denver Nuggets: Nice to see that a team with the ultimate home court advantage are now pushing the pace.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves: At times I laugh a little that Flip Saunders is an upgrade to what thye have had in the past.

27.  Philadelphia 76ers: Gotta give this team credit. We thought they would be historically bad, instead they are just bad.

28. Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe is rolling in his grave.

29. Orlando Magic: Despite being near the bottom, they always give the rival Atlanta Hawks a tough game.

30. New York Knicks: Another week being dead last. The Knicks are so good at being bad.