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Damian Lillard calls out fan for trying to sell autographed shoes

Damian Lillard calls out fan on Twitter for trying to sell a pair of free, autographed kicks.

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Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one player who loves their fans, it is Damian Lillard.  He is one of the most active NBA players through social media (2014 Social Media MVP), and he even refused to add Adidas's new boost technology to his D Lillard 1's, so that more fans would be able to afford his first signature.

On March 23, Damian Lillard gave away 21 of his signature sneakers to fans at a mall in Portland.  He not only gave the shoes for free, but also took time to sign each pair and take pictures with the recipients.  Despite this good deed, one of the fans tried sell his pair.  When Lillard heard about this fan, he called out and questioned the fan on twitter. The fan then responded on a Facebook page claiming that if Lillard really did care about his fans, he would have given out more pairs of shoes and stayed at the event for longer than 30 minutes.

Other responses to this incident vary, but most people seem to side with Lillard on this issue.  Sneakerheads have been buying and selling limited kicks at outrageous prices for years with no problems.  So why is their so much hype on this particular issue?

1) Lillard gave the shoes away for free.

2) A valuable experience was robbed from someone who would have appreciated the shoes.

3) He was reselling shoes he had gotten for FREE.