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2015 NBA Power Rankings: Who is No. 1?

The Atlanta Hawks return to the top spot in this week's Peachtree Hoops Power Rankings.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Atlanta Hawks: None of the wins this week have been pretty, but they are getting wins.

2.      Golden State Warriors: The Warriors have looked great all season and still have the best record in the NBA by a game.  Unfortunately they did manage to lose a game this week where as the best team in the East went undefeated.

3.      Houston Rockets: Somehow James Harden is keeping this team together and squeaking out some close wins.

4.      Cleveland Cavaliers: The win against the Warriors is a huge statement game.  The following loss to the Pacers is not.

5.      Los Angeles Clippers: So Deandre Jordan has suddenly become a huge force.  Now if only he could make free throws.

6.      Memphis Grizzlies: They beat the Clips then lost to the Clips.  Still though "Whoop that Clip" might be my favorite rally call ever.

7.     Portland Trail Blazers: They managed to survive the raging volcano known as Russell Westbrook.

8.      Oklahoma City Thunder: Am I suddenly becoming a fan of Westbrook? I mean the dude is amazing and has healing abilities that can only rival Wolverine.

9.  San Antonio SpursTony Parker hasn't looked like Tony Parker for a while.  All I can say is that the Spurs do need more of Tony Parker to Tony Parker like he has never Tony Parkerd before.

10.   Dallas Mavericks: So we now see what high risk/high reward means with the Mavs and Rondo.

11.  Indiana Pacers: Tough to rank these guys this week, but a win over the Cavs will move you up.

12.  New Orleans Pelicans: It is very odd to see Eric Gordon being good again.

13.  Utah Jazz: Good win over the Bucks and Nuggets, yet stinks they lost to the Lakers.

14.   Chicago Bulls: Rose is hurt but this time it seems he might actually come back the same year.  Anyway we will see if this holds.

15.  Phoenix Suns: I really don't get why they need all those point guards.

16.   Milwaukee Bucks: Billy Knight's dream is the Milwaukee Bucks.

17.  Boston Celtics: Boston needed a closer and they get Isiah Thomas.  They are now in the playoff race.

18.  Toronto Raptors: I feel the Raptors gave everything they had to beat the Hawks, because after that game they have looked bad.

19. Brooklyn Nets: Thad Young on this team scares me.....because they might make the playoffs now.

20.  Miami Heat: So let's hope that they keep the #7 spot. Gotta give the #2 team a rough time in the first round.

21. Detroit Pistons: You lost to the

22. Sacramento Kings: With George Karl the Kings are suddenly looking good.  Hey look at what a good coach can get you.

23. Washington Wizards: Last year I was happy that the Wizards signed Randy Wittman to an extension.  With the most recent losing streak you can see why I am excited he is still there.

24.  Charlotte Hornets: Yet another team that is just killing me. Please just take the #8 spot from the Nets please.

25. Los Angeles Lakers: Somehow they won 2 straight games this week.

26.  Minnesota Timberwolves: Wait so you're telling me I now have to root for the T-Wolves for the next few years? Sure why not.

27. Orlando Magic:  The Magic gave the Heat and the Hawks all they got, but then get burned by the Hornets.

28. New York Knicks: Don't look now but the Knicks have won multiple games in not only a month, but multiple games in a week.

29. Philadelphia 76ers: So let's talk about Hinkie's job security.

30.  Denver Nuggets: And they are back at the bottom, except this time they have the excuse of trading away their players.