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The Hawks' ESPN NBA Playoffs commercial

You MUST watch this incredible video hyping the Hawks in the playoffs.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Holy moly, if you've ever rooted for the Hawks for even a quarter of a game, you have got to watch this video. It's ESPN's official Hawks commercial for the NBA Playoffs, and it is amazing.

It touches on the underdog status, the synergy of the team, the sixth man's rowdiness, even the rebirth of the Pacman logo! I may or may not have cried while watching it.

As Jason touched on earlier, can the playoffs start already?!

Hat tip to @SkywardCrowbar on twitter and chabco in the comments here for putting this on my radar.

Oh, and apparently it's based on Birdman, but that never came to where I live so I'll just enjoy it for the hype it can bring without that context!