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The Atlanta Hawks and the NBA Playoffs can't get here fast enough

As the Hawks steer their way to the best of everything, franchise related, ever, we wonder if we can FF to the playoffs already?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Forgive my impetuousness, but I am ready for the NBA postseason. This Atlanta Hawks team has proven everything it can during the regular season and I.....oh, what's that? What have they proven to me so far? I guess I can rattle off a few things.

  • 50 wins already
  • Most road wins in franchise history
  • An undefeated January, no strike season, no full season, just set em up and knock them down
  • All five starters named players of the month
  • Four of those starters are all-stars
  • Franchise record for wins in a row
  • Best in the East, and it's not close (see bottom for rest of season strength of schedule)
  • Coach Bud rests four starters on west coast roadie, wins anyway
  • Dominique gets statue, looks awesome

Ok that last one has nothing to do with proving anything to me, but MANNNN, what else can this season possible have?

That's why I can't wait for the playoffs, for home court, for Philips Arena to be as loud and proud as they've been for a Tuesday night game during the regular season lately. Amazing.

Not to mention, I can't wait for the playoffs because guys are getting hurt. Kyle is going to wear a mask and that's disturbing. Sure, it's customized,  but there's only so much you can customize such things. It's still there and can't be comfortable.

So I want to get to the playoffs to see how this unprecedented team works, full throttle, in the postseason. There's no resting starters in the postseason, unless they are in a suit. There's only all-out, live or die during the playoffs and this amazing Hawks team has shown so many times this season that such moments are the moments where they truly excel.

So bring it on, bring on the ghosts of Larry Bird, the second round and all other things fail that we've endured as a fanbase in the playoffs. It's time for the ceiling to get lifted and this team to build a new level of playoff experience for us all to enjoy.

Are we there yet?

Here is the link for the rest of season strength of schedule, via and the great John Schuhmann: