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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks slipping? Warriors still on top

The Golden State Warriors hang on to the top spot in this week's edition of the Peachtree Hoops Power Rankings.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: Still the best team at the moment and it looks like they joined the latest craze of resting players.  Sadly (or good for us) they lost to the Nuggets but it happens.

2.      Cleveland Cavaliers: Looks like someone wants to finish the season strong.  It will be interesting to see if Kevin Love returns considering he is only being used as a stretch 4.

3.      Atlanta Hawks: Good for the Hawks to get a win despite resting players.  It almost made me forget about the Nuggets game.

4.      Portland Trail Blazers: So the Trail Blazers could move up to second in the conference despite Wesley Matthews getting hurt.

5.      San Antonio Spurs: Are the Spurs the Spurs again?

6.      Houston Rockets: Rumor has it Dwight could be returning soon.

7.      Dallas Mavericks:  So they have had a couple of good wins and yet I still don't trust this team looking at their lineup.

8.     Los Angeles Clippers: Blake is back? I almost forgot what he looked like in a basketball uniform.

9.      Oklahoma City Thunder: What will the team look like when Durant returns? Hopefully they continue to let Russell be Russell when he returns.

10.  Memphis Grizzlies: Look at the Grizzlies resting players. Welcome to the club guys.

11.   Utah Jazz:  Utah may be in the lottery, but they are not making it easy for any team that they go up against.

12.  Chicago Bulls: One day we will see the team uninjured.

13.  Toronto Raptors: So Kyle Lowry is hasn't been looking so that great recently, but don't tell Raptor fans this.

14.  Indiana Pacers: It's nice to see the Pacers go on the winning streak, but is anyone going to point out there incredibly easy schedule like every national analyst did for the Hawks in December.

15.   Washington Wizards: It's a shame the Bradley Beal is wasting his life away in DC shooting long 2's.

16.  New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis is a freak. There seems to be no stat line that he can't break.

17.   Boston Celtics: Isiah Thomas seems to be a perfect fit for them. Could we see yet another Hawks/Celtics playoff series.

18.  Milwaukee Bucks: It will be interesting to see who the Bucks will play in the first round. I am sure they will not be happy.

19.  Phoenix Suns: So do the Suns have one of the ugliest uniforms

20. Denver Nuggets: So the Nuggets officially have become a problem for teams.  This includes themselves since they seem to be moving up in the draft order by winning.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: The playoff push became official now that Kemba is back.

22. Miami Heat: Hassan Whiteside is a problem. He is a problem for other teams on the boards and at times a problem for the Heat when it comes to dealing with his emotions.

23. Brooklyn Nets: Please continue to support the #TankForAtlanta movement.

24. Sacramento Kings: Kings have been playing really good since George Karl took over, sadly the defense looked very rough in Atlanta. Good thing they will get a chance later on this week.

25.  Philadelphia 76ers: It will funny if they don't get a top 3 pick.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves: Good for Payne to actually get minutes. Good for him.

27.  New York Knicks: I was assured at the beginning of the season that the hyped "Traingle Offense" would get the Lakers to the playoffs.

28. Los Angeles Lakers:  Watching Kobe's facial expressions are easily more fun to watch than the actual Lakers themselves.

29. Orlando Magic: There was a point in time when I thought they could make the playoffs.

30. Detroit Pistons: So whatever karma that the Pistons got with releasing Josh Smith, they seem to be losing all of it with the Reggie Jackson trade.