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Not Your Average Review: Nike Kobe X

I would not wear these shoes with jeans unless I could not afford Nike Mags and was dressing up as Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

The Nike Kobe X has been out for about a month, and it's Kobe Bryant's tenth shoe in his main signature line.  This shoe is a low cut sneaker, but there are images of a possible high cut version very similar to the Nike Kobe IX .  Aside from the high cut Kobe IX (a low version also retailed), the Kobe line has been extremely consistent with the shoes' shape and style since the Kobe IV.


Nike is focusing on the "Art of Attack" with the Kobe X, meaning that they are focusing on good traction, and the overall range of motion in the sneaker.  The traction on these shoes look deep, and there are many treads to allow for more traction on the court.  However, I wonder why Nike didn't extend the treads onto the outsole of this shoe as they did in the Kyrie 1's.  The sleek, flexible shape makes this shoe less restrictive and the low cut allows for a huge range of motion.  The carbon-fiber shank also allows for more responsiveness to increase the attack in your art.


I know these shoes are supposed to resemble the Black Mamba and look like a snake, but the sleek futuristic upper mixed with the bulky and rounded sole remind me of a martian rather than a mamba.  The excessive venom-like colorways do not make me think of something poisonous, but rather an Easter egg that came from a chicken revved up on caffeine.

Overall Opinion:

I am very happy with the consistency in the Kobe line with the addition of the Kobe X.  I think these are great performance sneakers, and would definitely trust them to ball in.  However, I would not wear these shoes with jeans unless I could not afford Nike Mags and was dressing up as Marty McFly in Back to the Future.