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Hawks take advantage of Bucks' aggressiveness on perfectly executed lob play

Here is a closer look at how the Atlanta Hawks can make teams pay for their aggressive defense against Kyle Korver.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's win over the Bucks wasn't a beautiful display of basketball for the Atlanta Hawks but they did have moments of good execution. One such moment occurred in the fourth quarter with the Hawks leading 79-68.

Milwaukee had defended the Hawks aggressively on the perimeter but Kyle Korver had gotten free and knocked down three three-pointers in the fourth. Coming out of the timeout, the Hawks took advantage of the extra attention given to Korver to find Al Horford for a dunk finish.


On the initial setup, Korver starts out on the right wing. He fakes up before cutting baseline off of a pair of screens from Mike Scott and Al Horford.


Korver gains some separation from his defender Khris Middleton who bites on the fake. Middleton goes over the top of Scott's screen but is still trailing Korver on the play.


As Korver clears Horford's screen, Miles Plumlee switches to Korver to prevent a wide open three-point look. Horford recognizes the switch and immediately dives to the basket.

Horford lob 4

Middleton hesitates and doesn't initially switch to Horford. That moment of indecision is all Atlanta needs as Horford takes the perfect pass and slams it home. Good recognition on the play by Dennis Schröder as the pass is already on its way to the rim just as Horford begins his cut to the basket.

This was an instance where Mike Budenholzer called a set play to take advantage of the Bucks' aggressive defense against Korver. As the season has developed, teams are paying Korver more and more attention and rightfully so. Plays like this one are an example of ways the Hawks can make teams play and keep them honest on the defensive end of the floor.