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NBA Standings projections have the Hawks with a 16% chance at the title

The team at numberFire rings out the good news for Hawks fans.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Before all the trades went down in the League yesterday, the numberFire guys cranked out a gem of a standings probability chart that had the following awesomeness:

1. The Hawks with 60 wins.

Reminder: This has never happened in Atlanta.

2. The Hawks have a 99.9% chance of winning the division.

Not make the playoffs, win the division. That's somewhat cool. Long time Hawks fans are allowed to dwell on the 0.1% chance of not winning the division because, scars.

3. The Hawks have a 97.01% chance of keeping the #1 seed.

Braves fans are allowed to recall realizing the small percentage result, but I'll take that for chances of having home court through to the Finals, potentially.

4. As far as those theoretical playoffs go, numberFire tells us that the good guys have a 35.70% chance of making it through to those Finals-type games.

Considering we've never made it to even the Conference Finals, I'd say this is also a cool number. Also, remember when a 35.70% chance at the playoffs were a relief to see? I do. By the way, the Hawks playoff number is 100%.

5. Lastly, as the headline suggests, the Hawks have a 16% shot at winning it all.

Everything. A championship. Suffice to say, even though these are probability numbers, things have never looked so good for a Hawks fan.

Thanks to Zach Kempner and the whole numberFire team for keeping us flush with all the statistical goodness. Go to their site to get more, more, more.

Southeast Division:

Team Wins Losses Playoffs % Division %
Atlanta Hawks 60.14 21.86 100 99.9
Washington Wizards 48.54 33.46 100 0.1
Charlotte Hornets 36.54 45.46 54.25 0
Miami Heat 36.03 45.97 46.6 0
Orlando Magic 27.48 54.52 0.05 0