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Peachtree Hoops NBA Power Rankings: All-Star Break Edition.

Let's take a look at where teams rank on this weeks Peachtree Hoops power ranking.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: With a Hawks loss, the Warriors have the best record in the league. Oh and watching Steph win the 3 points contest was just really fun.

2.      Los Angeles Clippers: Bounce back wins against the Rockets and Mavericks is very impressive. Let's see how they do as Blake will be continued to be sidelines.

3.      Atlanta Hawks: Ugh a loss the Celtics always hurts, but we are still 1st in the East.  Just gotta finish the rest of the season strong.

4.      Dallas Mavericks: I wonder if Dirk wanted to be in the ASG or if he just wanted to rest. Anyway he made it and was forced to play Saturday.

5.      Memphis Grizzlies: Latest team to beat the Nets, we salute you for your hard work.

6.      Toronto Raptors: Big game coming up since the first game after the break is against the Hawks.

7.      Chicago Bulls: Will we see an angry Derrick Rose since he wasn't in New York for the festivities?

8.     Cleveland Cavaliers: So some think that the Cavs are the team to beat in the East ever since Lebron took time off to get some trades done.

9.      Portland Trail Blazers: So does Dame still have a revenge tour since he was in the ASG?

10.  Oklahoma City Thunder:  Westbrook had one goal in mind for the All-Star game. That is to win MVP.

11.   San Antonio Spurs: Barely beat the Pacers on the road and then they destroy the Pistons in Detroit. The week could've gone much worse.

12.  Houston Rockets: Losing Dwight won't be easy and we could see this with the loss to the Clippers.

13.  Milwaukee Bucks: Watching Giannas take the rising stars game seriously was the best thing in the world.

14.  Boston Celtics: Great job on not giving up at the end of the game. Of course it hurts that Evan Turner of all people hit the game winner but anyway credit to where it is due.

15.   Washington Wizards: you would think that with all of the size in the paint that many analyst love to talk about, well you think they would be better.

16.  Phoenix Suns: And the Suns seem to want to have all of their guards traded.

17.   Utah Jazz: Rudy Gobert has become a very fun player. The rising star game made me more of a fan.

18.  New Orleans Pelicans: Stinks Anthony Davis got hurt considering he was having a MVP like season so far.

19.  Indiana Pacers: Wait Paul George is thinking of returning this early? Okay?

20. Detroit Pistons: So D.J. Augustin hasn't looked as bad as I thought he would. So there's that.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: You lost to the 76ers and expect to make the playoffs?

22. Miami Heat: Can't wait to read the Hassan Whiteside tell all book.

23. Brooklyn Nets: The Nets are making the race for the 8th seed interesting with all the other teams battling for that spot. The Hawks fan in me wants them to not make it.

24. Sacramento Kings: So they are getting Cousin's input for the George Karl hire?

25.  Orlando Magic:  How do you snap a losing streak? Play the Knicks.

26. Denver Nuggets: The leagues most up and down team has moved from dead last to #26 in this ranking.

27.  Philadelphia 76ers: Oh, they beat the Hornets? Somehow this team isn't as bad as we all thought. I mean they are bad, but they aren't Knicks bad.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Wiggins says that this will be a new and more determined team after the break.  It's gotta be the Payne effect.

29. Los Angeles Lakers: So, it had to be reminded to me that Jeremy Lin plays for this team.  NBA years is something considering we went from Linsanity to DNPs.

30. New York Knicks: The highlight this weekend is the fact that the All-Star game is in New York. Besides that, you guys are in dead last here.