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A Look Back at Dunk Contest Champs -- Hawks Edition

Here's a look back on our dunk contest champs and the dunks that won it for them.

Smith and his high-flying jams was one of four Hawks dunk contest wins.
Smith and his high-flying jams was one of four Hawks dunk contest wins.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Hawks have four past winners of the dunk contest -- that's as many or more than any other franchise in the league.  Here's a look back on our champs:  Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, and Josh Smith:

1985: Dominique Wilkins

Dominique dominated the competition in 1985, including a young Michael Jordan in his first contest.  Check out the Human Highlight Film's dunks from that contest, including his signature windmill to seal the deal:

1986: Spud Webb

The 5'7" Webb prevented Dominique from repeating in 1986, stunning his hometown Dallas crowd with his intense elevation and variety of moves.  Here are Spud's dunks that put Nique on the back burner:

1990: Dominique Wilkins

After Michael Jordan started winning dunk contests and Kenny "Sky" Walker took one in 1989, Dominique popped back up in 1990 to reclaim his crown, becoming only the second player (after Jordan) to win two.  Nique took down youngsters like Shawn Kemp and Rex Chapman, as well as defending champion Walker.  See Dominique.  See Dominique dunk.  Dunk, Dominique, dunk:

2005: Josh Smith

In 2005, J-Smoove literally jumped over the competition to claim the crown, making the Hawks the first team to have four dunk contest champions (the Knicks have since tied that number).  Josh wowed the audience with his high-flying jams, but threw down the coup de grace with a tribute to Dominique's past wins.  See his dunks here: