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The Atlanta Hawks Dunk Contest

We don't have a contestant in this year's dunk contest, but you can choose your favorite Hawks dunk here!

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sure, we don't have a contestant in this year's dunk contest, but is that going to stop us from talking about the Hawks?  Of course not.  Scan through these awesome YouTube videos and find the dunk that you think is the best Hawks dunk of the year!  It's your choice.  We plan to announce the winner at the end of All-Star Saturday Night.  Now let's get to it.

Pero Antic

Pero may be known for pulling bigs out to the three-point line, but in this clip, he leaves his defender in the dust for the jam!

Kent Bazemore

Kent may be a hard-nosed defender, but as Jared Sullinger found out, sometimes he just dunks hard on your nose!

DeMarre Carroll

BA-TUM! is the sound it makes when DeMarre dunks over Nic in Portland!

Al Horford

You can't spell "Amir immediately looks more foolish" without "Al Horford."

Kyle Korver

Kyle SHOCKED THE WORLD in a totally Buster-Douglas-type way with this one!

Paul Millsap

Who said big men can't have moves?  You can have it all, Trillsap - finesse and power.

Dennis Schröder

Not Duncan, not Parker, not Kawhi can stop this Dennis dunk!

Mike Scott

I can't say it better than Bob:  "Oh, that was Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnasty!"

Jeff Teague

Bob and Nique should have "Jeff Teague down the lane" saved in a sound file to save their voices.

Mike Muscala

That's right, we're even letting you choose Mike's big jam with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants if you want to!

All right, you have the choices.  Choose your favorite dunk and vote below!