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5 Stats on Atlanta's 1-2 Week and How 4 All-stars Means Winning

Atlanta's 1-2 week can be chalked up to some elite numbers in each game. The Stat Geek Five gives you one from each as well as a look ahead to what All-stars can mean!

All-star Al Horford's consistency has helped keep Atlanta going.
All-star Al Horford's consistency has helped keep Atlanta going.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The final week before the All-star break saw the Hawks go 1-2 and cite a lack of focus as an issue for the team.  Here are this week's Stat Geek Five, focusing on this week's wild ride and looking ahead to Atlanta's four All-stars!

1. Sunday's game against Memphis was a blueprint for defensive disaster.

The Hawks had only six steals and 37 rebounds (including a paltry three offensive rebounds) as Memphis had its way with the Atlanta D.  Those numbers are a blueprint for a Hawks loss.  This was the fourth time this season we have had six steals or less while having 37 rebounds or less, and all four games have resulted in a loss.

2. Monday's Minnesota game saw us join an elite club of free-throw shooting.

The Hawks were lethal at the line on Monday night, making 19 of 20 free throws.  That is exceptionally good.  So good, in fact, it was only the 12th time this season that a team has made at least 95 percent of its free throws while attempting at least 20.  The Hawks joined Portland as the only two teams with at least three such games this season.  Strangely enough, those 12 games would balloon to 15 as three more teams would go on to join that club on Wednesday.  Which brings us to...

3. Wednesday's game versus Boston saw the Celtics join that same club.

Not many Hawks fans are going to find much relief in anything said about the Wednesday night loss to Boston after Atlanta squandered a 14 point lead with just over seven minutes left in the game, but credit Boston with an all-out performance of their own.  They were one of the teams to join the aforementioned 95 percent free-throw-shooting-on-at-least-20-attempts club, as they shot 19 of 20 just like the Hawks did the previous night.  That game was a definite lack of focus heading into the All-star Game, but here at the Stat Geek Five, this committee of one likes to leave on a high note, so we'll leave you with these last two notes.

4. Al Horford and Jeff Teague are still carrying the torch from January.

Al Horford and Jeff Teague had amazing January stats, and they are still going strong.  Despite the Hawks going 3-3 in February, the Boss is averaging per game 16.2 points on 48 percent shooting, over 11 rebounds, over three assists, and almost 93 percent at the charity stripe!  Jeff is right up there with him, averaging per game 19 points on 50 percent shooting, 41 percent shooting from three, almost 88 percent from the free throw line, all the while dishing out seven dimes.  The Hawks may have a lack of focus going into the break, but not Big Al and Jeff.

5. The Hawks have four All-stars, and that bodes well for the team!

Yeah, it seems logical, but it's worth gloating over.  Of the previous six teams that had four All-stars, the 1975 and 2011 Celtics had the lowest win totals with 56 each, and the 1998 Lakers had the highest with 61.  The average was 59, which is a number Atlanta could definitely reach.  As a bonus, a curious bit of numerology:  Four must be Kyle Korver's lucky number, because the Hawks have FOUR All-stars, he was the FOURth one selected, and he is the FOURth oldest player to be selected for an All-star Game.  Also, his jersey number is 26, and six minus two is FOUR!  Okay, so I shoehorned that last one in, but you know you wanted me to.

Korver watch: .512 FG% / .523 3FG% / .911 FT%

If you hear or come up with your own cool stat about the Hawks, tweet to @peachtreehoops or directly at me at @themarkphelps or leave a comment. Use the hashtag #StatGeek on Twitter so we can all share in love of stats! I used's search engine for some of these stats. It's a useful tool.