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2015 NBA All-Star Jerseys take on simplistic style

This year's All Star Jerseys are way better than last year's.

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade receiving their All Star Jerseys
Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade receiving their All Star Jerseys
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The All Star Jerseys this year feature player's first and last names on the back.  Five stars have been placed on the side to pay tribute to the 5 Boroughs of New York.  Each star has a different pattern that reflects its certain borough.   The red, white, and blue stripes around the trim are very traditional and patriotic (sorry Toronto).  The West will wear black uniforms with blue numbers, while the East's uniforms are white with red numbers.

east all-star

west all-star

Overall these uniforms are simple, refreshing, and look like basketball uniforms.  The NBA and Adidas did a great job with the design and fit.  If I had money to spare, I would definitely purchase one of these jerseys. Whether or not you like these uniforms isn't a question.  These uniforms are beautiful.  The question is why the NBA and Adidas ever thought wearing sleeves was okay.  This is never okay.

All Star Jerseys 2015

Noah and Durant in the 2015 All Star Game (Photo Credit - Bob Donnan - USA TODAY Sports)