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NBA Power Rankings: Grizzlies climb to the top

We have a new No. 1 team at the top of this week's Peachtree Hoops Power Rankings.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Memphis Grizzlies: The addition of Jeff Green has paid huge dividends for the Grizzlies who take over the top spot.

2.      Atlanta Hawks: Beating the Warriors is huge but dropping 2 games this week is not.  A loss to the Grizzlies on the road is respectable but the sloppy game in New Orleans is rough.

3.      Golden State Warriors: The showdown of the season ended with a  loss despite a great game being played.  The Warriors only have a 3 game lead in the west, but they are playing a bunch of teams in the east for the rest of the month.

4.      Dallas Mavericks: Ouch Rondo, it just stinks his own teammate was the one that knocked him out.

5.      Cleveland Cavaliers: The streak came to an end with a loss to Indiana. Who would've thought they could figure it out this fast.

6.      Portland Trail Blazers: Glad to see with all of that crying Dame Lillard got an all-star selection.

7.      Houston Rockets: Dwight out for 2 months? This could be a problem for the Rockets.

8.     Toronto Raptors: Hey the Raptors have started winning again.

9.      San Antonio Spurs: I would have loved to see Tim Duncan's face when he learned he made the all-star squad.  I am sure he wanted that time off to rest.

10.  Chicago Bulls: So with how much this team is mentioned, you would think they are the best team in the east.

11.   Oklahoma City Thunder:  So Kevin Durant is saying that he will play anyone 1-on-1 for his allstar spot.  I nominate Lil B.

12.  New Orleans Pelicans: After a huge win against the Hawks, Anthony Davis hits a game winner against the Thunder and sadly looks to have sprained his shoulder in a game later in the week.  Is it bad that I label him as injury prone now?

13.  Milwaukee Bucks: Could Brandon Knight make the all-star squad?

14.  Phoenix Suns: The Suns have had a rough week, but all of the losses came against some solid teams.

15.   Los Angeles Clippers: So I see Blake is out.  This is a problem when you end up paying money to superstars and have a weak bench.

16.  Utah Jazz: Rough week but they ended up beating the Kings....Well who doesn't do that nowadays.

17.   Indiana Pacers: The streaking Pacers beat the Cavs and hit a game winner Sunday night.  Vogel coach of the year with that roster.

18.  Minnesota Timberwolves: Seems Rubio is back along with Kevin Martin.  They might actually be slightly scary now.

19.  Brooklyn Nets: Nets can't you just lay down and die? Stop coming in and surprising teams.

20. Detroit Pistons: I remember when the Pistons were a threat for teams in the east.  Good times.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: The Hornets are built like a team from the 70's. I am sure they end up winning games because teams are no sure how to beat a team with horrible spacing.

22. Washington Wizards: The Wizards were on a 5 game losing streak including 2 losses to the Hornets in the same week.  Man if only they could figure out those playoff bound Hornets.

23. Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart is actually starting to look good now.

24. Miami Heat: Remember when Heat fans tried to tell us they were a legit team at the beginning of the season. I haven't heard from them sense then.

25.  Sacramento Kings: Glad to see Cousins can take plays off and still make it to the All-Star Weekend.

26. Orlando Magic:  So they now have a coaching issue.  I wonder if George Karl could be considered for this job.

27.  Philadelphia 76ers: I will give it to the 76ers in that they are not as bad as everyone would have predicted they would be.  The defense is legit for what they have.

28. New York Knicks:  Hey the Knicks still stink but at least they aren't Lakers bad right?

29. Los Angeles Lakers: They lost to the Knicks but somehow beat the Bulls a week ago.

30. Denver Nuggets: Congrats Nuggets, you are the new team at the bottom. Hopefully next week they win a game and move up on the list.