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Who owns the Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks have new owners and the team released the names of the entire ownership group on Thursday.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This is the inaugural season for the Atlanta Hawks under the guidance of principle owner Tony Ressler who won the right to purchase the club at the end of last season. Ressler has the biggest stake and a controlling interest but details on the remainder of the group have remained sketchy. The franchise released a full roster of its ownership group on Friday.

Tony Ressler
Grant Hill
Sara Blakely
James Cox Chambers Sr.
Michael Gearon Jr.
Bob Goodman
Jesse Itzler
David Moore
David Novak
Steven Price
Rick Shnall
Jeffrey Seaman
Rutherford Seydel
Mitesh Shah
Robert Sheft
Sam Soni
Ted Virtue
David Wasserman