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The NBA's 2015 Christmas Uniforms are their best yet

Adidas's 2015 Christmas Uniforms are their best yet.

The 2015 NBA Christmas uniforms were first leaked during the playoffs last spring. These new uniforms aren't overwhelming.  They do not have huge logos, bright colors, or sleeves.  They are simple, and most appropriate to wear while caroling.

Adidas based these uniforms off their regular season attire.  Colors are muted and they display cream accents instead of white.  On the back of the jersey the NBA logo is surrounded by a wax seal to promote letter writing.  It has also been rumored that Adidas hired Mrs. Claus to stitch the font, which was inspired by your grandmother's handwriting.

Stance Christmas socks (retailing at $28) will also be apart of this year's Christmas ensemble.

I can never decide if I love basketball because its season is during the holidays, or if I love the holidays because they are in the middle of basketball.  Either way, it's the most wonderful time of the year.  Adidas outdid themselves (remember 2014?), and I'm sure that Chris Cringle would approve.