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Not Your Average Review: NIKE KYRIE 2

The KYRIE 2 is geared towards players who like to cut and drive towards the basket.

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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Nike officially announced the KYRIE 2 on Wednesday, December 9.  The shoe is currently available on NIKEiD.  The first colorway of this shoe, 'Effect', will drop on December 15, 2015 and will retail for $125 ($15 more than the his previous signature).


The KYRIE 2 is a great performance shoe.  This shoe is made with Zoom Air cushioning, and is constructed with a Hyperfuse upper.  It also displays a midfoot strap, radial upper patten, and has a curved bottom surface. The extended tread of this shoe connects it to its previous version and is essential to Kyrie's game.

"The strap is designed to suck your heel back into the shoe and keeps it secure, whether you're accelerating or decelerating," Nike Designer Leo Chang

Kyrie 1

NIKE KYRIE 1 (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)


Kyrie's first generation of this shoe looked like a shoe built for 5th grade velociraptor fans.  On the other hand, the KYRIE 2 seems to speak to an older audience.  The extended tread no longer looks like dinosaur teeth, but has a wavy pattern.  Colorways (that I have seen) of this shoe tend to be more simplistic and sophisticated than colorways of the previous version.

Overall Opinion

The KYRIE 2 is built for performance, and is a little better than the KYRIE 1 when it comes to style.  The curvature of this shoe is exciting; it is definitely geared towards players who like to cut and drive towards the basket.