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Jeff Teague throws punch at Nemanja Bjelica late in Hawks loss

The All-Star guard appeared to lose his cool late in the Hawks game against the T-Wolves.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Hawks-Timberwolves game in Atlanta Monday night, it appeared Jeff Teague let his emotions get the best of him, as he appeared to punch the Timberwolves' Nemanja Bjelica.

The Hawks had been trailing by as many as 34 points until surging for a second half comeback, only to fall short in the end after Andrew Wiggins went on a late scoring spree.

The Hawks had apparently been having issues with Bjelica in the game, per Nate Duncan:

Punishments for incidents like this in the NBA have typically been a single game suspension, and in some cases, a fine as well. It will be interesting to see how the league will handle this one.