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Not Your Average Review: Under Armour Curry Two

Up close and personal with Steph's second signature

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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stephen Curry's second signature, the Under Armour Curry Two, was released October 24, 2015.  Since the release, the 'Steel' and 'Dub Nation' colorways have come available to the public, and the 'Father to Son' colorway will release November 6th.  Around a year ago the Curry One debuted, and currently the shoe is sold out.  Just like the Curry One, I'm expecting the Curry Two to sell out fast.  I mean, who wouldn't want to wear the same kicks as the reigning MVP?

My brother, who is an avid Curry fan, purchased the 'Dub Nation' Curry Two and was kind enough to let me take a closer look at his kicks for this article.  He has played three games in them (prior to taking the photos), and they still look fresh out of the box.

SC Front Single


This shoe is a good performance shoe.  The upper is made with Under Armour's Speedform technology.  It snugs the upper foot and is extremely flexible, allowing for more of a low cut feel.  Midfoot shanks and the heel support gives this shoe added stability.  The treads on this sneaker expand beyond the bottom of the shoe, similar to the Kyrie 1.  However, unlike the Kyrie 1 the treads continue on the inside of the foot, rather than the outside.  The only thing I would add to these shoes is more flexibility throughout the toe.

SC Front View


When I determine the style of a shoe, the key factors I look at are cut and color.  These shoes are made to be performance shoes, and their cut speaks that ideal.  The average person wouldn't notice these shoes as anything special because they aren't eye-catching.  Unlike Nike and Adidas, Under Armour doesn't have the option for consumers to customize their shoes.  This limits their colorways, and potential style points.  If I were to buy these shoes, I would wait to purchase the sleek white pair Steph is wearing in the picture above.

Tongue Tab (2)

Overall Opinion

I'm not fully convinced that Under Armour is a solid basketball brand.  However, if I were to buy any of their basketball shoes, I would purchase the Curry Two.  These shoes are flexible, supportive and rank high in terms of performance.  Under Armour should launch a casual shoe line for the reigning MVP, because these shoes aren't extremely eye catching.