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NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Hawks Continue to Fall

The Atlanta Hawks continue to free fall in this week's Power Rankings roundup.

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After another tough week of Hawks basketball, we have seen some heart breaking losses and some injuries with the team. Though despite everything, the Hawks still have a winning record early in the season and look to hopefully get some guys back soon from injury.  Anyway without making you wait any longer, let's take a look at the rankings.

First up, John Schuhmann of drops Atlanta to No. 10

The only teams the Hawks have beat in the last 15 days (seven games) are the Pelicans and Kings. They lost in Brooklyn (with offense being the issue) on Tuesday and got thumped in Cleveland (with defense being the issue) on Saturday. If they're going to stay near the top of the East in the next few weeks, they'll need to beat the West, with eight of their next 10 games against the opposite conference.'s Marc Stein places the Hawks at No. 10 as well.

The Hawks want to believe these bumpy past two weeks since their 7-1 start and rise here to No. 3 is due mostly to health. Paul Millsap (shoulder), Jeff Teague (ankle), Kent Bazemore (ankle) and Tiago Splitter (hip) have been banged up, while Kyle Korver is shooting a mortal (for him) .411 from deep after multiple offseason surgeries.

Atlanta needs a parachute in Matt Moore's rankings at where they fall all the way to No. 18.

Just imagine me throwing a pile of papers into the air while sitting at my desk. That's what I make of the Hawks. They are completely maddening in their inconsistency. Unless they get a lot better over the next four months, they're no threat to the Cavaliers. has the Hawks at No. 7 after going 5-5 in their last 10 games.

They're still looking like one solid unit, without any stars

Finally, Kurt Helin of also follows the trend of placing the Hawks at No. 10.

The Hawks were in a soft part of the schedule and still found a way to go 5-5 in their last 10, including a loss to Brooklyn. It’s about to get tougher with Boston then a swing through the West including Minnesota and San Antonio.

Let's hope that for my sanity as a Hawks fan that the team gets it together since their schedule is starting to toughen up. If not, then there is a chance we will see the Hawks on the other side of .500 very soon. That does it for the rankings this week and as always let me know your thoughts in the comments.