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Not Your Average Review: Jordan Westbrook 0

Russell's first signature speaks style, but not performance.

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OKC's Russell Westbrook
OKC's Russell Westbrook
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Jordan Westbrook 0 released last summer.  This shoe is Westbrook's first signature shoe.  However, its purpose isn't for gameplay, it's for style.  Other athletes, such as LeBron and Durant, have lifestyle shoe lines as well, but it is odd for a casual shoe to be a player's first release.


These shoes aren't meant for gameplay, so their in-game performance is obviously low.  Westbrook will probably never wear them in a game anyway because of their horrible traction and weight.


Even though the Westbrook 0 has no performance value, I do think they would perform well in their designated setting - casual wear.  These shoes are simplistic, and sleek.  Colorways of this shoe tend to be solid and more neutral.  From the golden lace locks to the blended in jumpman logo, this shoe speaks luxury and style.

Overall Opinion

If you're looking for a sneaker to wear casually, this is the shoe for you.  If you are looking for a basketball shoe and really love Russell Westbrook keep looking.  You won't play anything like Russell if you decide to wear these on the court.