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Rich Homie Quan to perform at Philips Arena opening night

The Atlanta-based rapper will be helping the Hawks bring in the new season come October 27.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks rebranding has been quite the successful process, and have created quite a buzz for the upcoming season coming off of last season's success. They will make opening night against the Pistons even more exciting, by bringing in Rich Homie Quan to enhance the celebration of kicking off the season.

"The Hawks have made Oct. 27 a can't-miss event and I'm super excited to be the headline performer," said Rich Homie Quan. "I think it's great how the Hawks combine music and sports to give Atlanta fans a unique entertainment experience, and I can't wait to hit the floor on Opening Night when we take on the Pistons."

Rich Homie Quan is just another great performer the Hawks have brought in to entertain fans. With such an abundant amount of talent in hip-hop that comes from Atlanta, it wouldn't make sense not to. From T.I., to 2 Chainz, the organization knows getting local talent to support the Hawks and entertain the fans is important to the brand.

"We remain committed to bringing our fans an experience unlike any other in the NBA," said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. "Partnering with Rich Homie Quan to bring more hometown energy into our building is exciting, and another example of our promise to stay ‘True to Atlanta.'"

Hopefully the Hawks will have the Pistons feeling some type of way after an opening night victory.