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Hawks Box Score from Open Practice

Let the overreactions begin!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Holy cow, I knew I was in dire need of some Hawks basketball, but I didn't know how bad.

Thanks to Bob Rathbun and KL Chouinard, they gave me two different looks at the game, via Periscope. It was like I was there!!!!

Anyway, big, big thanks to those guys, who made sure the couple of dozen of us that wanted to do such a thing, could.

Also, as part of my last live tweets of the event, I asked Mr. Rathbun, the hardest working man in the world at this time of year (harvest time, as he calls it), for a shot of the box score for us to peruse.

Ask, and ye shall receive!!

And here it is in even larger form, so that folks like Phil Naessens can overreact. Will he? Check in the Peachtree Hoops podcast Sunday Night to find out. (SPOILER ALERT: He definitely will.)