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Atlanta Hawks pick up team options on Dennis Schröder, Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Hawks, unsurprisingly, have picked up team options on Dennis Schröder and Tim Hardaway Jr. for the 2016-2017 season.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks faced a November 2nd deadline when deciding whether or not to exercise team options for both point guard Dennis Schröder and shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr., but the organization did not wait until the last second to make a choice. Head coach (and personnel maven) Mike Budenholzer announced on Tuesday evening that the team has exercised the 2016-2017 options on both players.

Schröder will make approximately $2.7 million for the 2016-2017 season, while Hardaway Jr. will make approximately $2.3 million for his service. This move comes as no surprise, especially in the case of Schröder, who will soundly outperform that contract by simply replicating what the level of play that he put forth in 2014-2015. In the case of Hardaway, this also isn't a shock, as the team paid a handsome price to acquire him from the New York Knicks on draft night.

Barring trade, Dennis Schröder will be a part of the Atlanta Hawks for at least two more seasons, while Tim Hardaway has been given some additional security of his own. Stay tuned.