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2016 Atlanta Hawks predictions: Will the team make a trade this season?

The Atlanta Hawks look to have a balanced roster as they enter the 2016 season, but will the team be willing to make a move before the trade deadline?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Atlanta Hawks could be a very deep basketball team if everything comes together as they hope. If it doesn't, will the team make a deal at the trade deadline? That is the next question that we brought to the Peachtree Hoops staff as part of our 2016 season predictions series.

Will the Atlanta Hawks make a trade this season?

(Patrick Laney) Atlanta will not make a move that affects the current depth chart. With a weak draft ahead this summer and Atlanta loaded with depth, do not be surprised if the Hawks deal away their 2016 first-round pick during the season to gain financial flexibility and/or acquire future assets.

(Josh Lane) No.....No they will not unless something crazy happens and one of the players become suddenly become disgruntled.

(Mark Phelps) For better or worse, the Hawks feel pretty complete. I don't see a move of any real substance coming this year, but if the wing situation isn't sufficient by the trade deadline, I guess it could happen. I don't see any moves until then.

(Jason Walker) They always seem to, but the question is if they do, how big would it be? I don't think that they have any reason to move anybody. Folks say Teague all the time, but I think Cory Joseph makes more money than Teague so where's the motivation to move him now? And if the Hawks are pacing to 60 wins again, why would you anyway? If they make a move, it's one of their typical minor moves.

(Kris Willis) I'm not expecting any headline making deal to be made during the season, but I do expect the team to open up a roster spot in January and to be on the lookout for a piece that could solidify or add depth to their wing rotation.

(James Braswell) I think the Hawks may make a trade. From the looks of it, this new ownership group is going to do whatever it takes to build the Hawks into a championship contender. Who or what they'll trade is the big question.

(Phil Naessens) I like mid season trades but with this Atlanta Hawks team barring injury I don't see them making any nor any reason to do so either. They have a solid starting five and very good role players that unless it's a trade for a top 5 NBA type wing player I don't see them making any trades this season.

(Harry Lyles) I don't see the Hawks making a trade this season, unless something comes across their table that they can't refuse. The roster is loaded with talent, and while it might not be the most talented, there's plenty to make the team work and go into any game thinking they can pull out a win, and that's a great position to be in.

(Brad Rowland) The safe answer is no, but it is also quite possible. Atlanta has a future decision to make at the point guard position, and if things are underwhelming to the point where a run at the Eastern Conference Finals seems unlikely, the Hawks could examine the market for both Jeff Teague and Dennis Schröder. For me, though, it is more likely that the team could jump in the deadline market to attempt to acquire an improvement on the wing mid-season, as the roster remains quite flexible and there are multiple pieces that could be moved in a smaller deal.

(Tyler Lewis) Unless Atlanta is offered a trade they can't refuse, I don't see them make any trades of significant impact. A minor trade could come, but otherwise it doesn't seem like it would make sense to move any of the important players on the roster. Especially when chemistry and continuity are so fundamental to Budenholzer's system.

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