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Getting to know training camp invitee Lamar Patterson

Lamar Patterson is hoping to make the Hawks final roster, and Peachtree Hoops got to know him a little better at Atlanta Hawks media day.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Patterson was one of the top performers for the Atlanta Hawks during the Las Vegas Summer League. After his impressive showing, Patterson received a training camp invite from the Atlanta Hawks, and is hoping to make the roster. Patterson averaged 13.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.4 assists for the Hawks in the Summer League.

Patterson is a man with options, folks:

At Atlanta Hawks media day, we took a few minutes to get to know Lamar Patterson, how he feels about where he fits in on the team, how he likes Atlanta, as well as his favorite track off of the latest Drake and Future mixtape.

Peachtree Hoops: Lamar, where do you see yourself fitting in on this team?

Lamar Patterson: I feel like I can, I'm a versatile player, and Coach Bud loves that. You can just tell by the pieces already on the team, and just making sure I go out there and compete. I feel like everything will fall into place as long as I do what I can do, and control what I can control, and that's competing, coming to the gym hard everyday and be ready to go.

Peachtree Hoops: Do you feel like you got a lot out of your experience in the Las Vegas Summer League?

LP: Oh, for sure, I have been in Atlanta the whole summer working out, and when Summer League came around it was like, okay, this is pretty much what I was preparing for and I was in good shape for it, so I feel like I got a lot out of it.

Peachtree Hoops: How are you liking the Atlanta area?

LP: Oh man, Atlanta is beautiful. I love Atlanta, I feel like if I'm not on the Hawks, I would still move here and just call it home, I just love Atlanta.

Peachtree Hoops: What's your favorite part?

LP: Just pretty much everything, I like the Buckhead area a lot, everyone does. I like Midtown, but I like everything about it.

Peachtree Hoops: Now, moving onto more pressing matters, what was your favorite track off of Drake and Future's mixtape What A Time To Be Alive?

LP: Probably 30 for 30.

Peachtree Hoops: In your mind, was that the best mixtape this summer?

LP: Mixtape? Probably so, I think it was a little bit over-hyped, but whenever you have Drake on something it's great, and then you have Future, and he's hot right now.