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Not Your Average Review: LeBron XIII

A review of LeBron's new released shoe, the LeBron XIII.

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LeBron James in the newly release LeBron XIII
LeBron James in the newly release LeBron XIII
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Nike LeBron 13 was released 4 days ago on September 27, 2015.  This shoe was revealed to the public via Periscope broadcast.  Yesterday, September 30, the shoe became available to customize through NIKEiD.  The LeBron 13 will be available to purchase globally on October 10.

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In my opinion, the LeBron line has never been as good as the LeBron Zoom Soldier line.  The Solider line costs less for consumers and is always a solid shoe to play in.  The LeBron line tends to be more innovative and variable, which doesn't always return a positive response from consumers or the King.  When the 11's came out, LeBron wouldn't even play in them.

However, the LeBron 13's look like they will perform better than the 11's and are probably his best shoe to date.  The material on sides allow for extra protection.  The Zoom Air Hexagons, which can be seen on the bottom of the shoe, have been reconstructed to add more explosiveness to the King's game.

Although this shoe looks like it will perform well, I am worried about the fit in the tongue of this shoe.  It is constructed with a mesh upper and Flywire cables that are supposed to create a sock-like fit.  But it looks like the tongue of this shoe also features the same protection material that is used on the sides.  This may be problematic for consumers with narrow feet who want a tightly fitted shoe.


The LeBron 13's look like someone grabbed a pair of the LeBron Soldier 8's, ripped off the Velcro strap, and added a pinwheel piece to the sides.  These new pinwheels remind me of wind energy and make me feel self sufficient.  However, the colorways I have seen so far have not been very appealing.  I suspect Nike will come out with some better colorways as time goes on, and perhaps a nice green version is in the works.

Overall Opinion:

The LeBron 13 is the love child of the LeBron 11 and the LeBron Zoom Soldier 8.  They feature updated technology from the 11's and display a shape similar to the 8's.  The LeBron line is taking a good step with these shoes, and I think consumers will be overall pleased with these sneakers.  I would definitely recommend these shoes to a friend, but I wouldn't recommend them to someone who has negative feelings about sustainability or Green Energy.